London Royal Grecian Theatre 6d

London Royal Grecian Theatre 6d
London Royal Grecian Theatre 6d
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37mm brass Refreshment ticket for 6 pence,issued by the owner B.O.Conquest.

Very fine,with hole in centre.The middle part of the reverse has been divided into sections and letters scrached into them.whether this was done officially it is impossible to tell.

D&W 68/176.

The  Royal Grecian Theatre was situated on the City Road in Shoreditch,originally called the Eagle Tavern of nursery rhyme fame .George Augustus Conquest took over the management of the Grecian Theatre in 1872, on the death of his father,Benjamin Oliver,who is named on this pass and therefore dates it as before 1872.Alone, or in collaboration, he wrote some 40 pantomimes, celebrated for their brilliant flying ballets and acrobatic effects, and about 100 melodramas.

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