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Hertfordshire Pirton John Farmer Halfpenny 1668
Brass 22mm A tobacco roll W147 About very fine ..
Huddersfield College Prize Medal 1874
Silver J.Moore Arms & supporters.Rev.1st CLASSICAL MEDAL presented by THE RT HON The ..
Ireland Kells Union Farming Society
Silver 40mm by Parkes of Dublin. Rev: Engraved To  / Richard Chaloner / For Two Calves / 7th..
Ireland Naval Action off Tory Island 1798
Copper 38mm by T.Wyon sr. Bust of Sir John Borlase Warren.Rev.A naval engagement. BHM 456 E..
Isle of Man Industrial Exhibition Of Industry Science And Art 1892
Bronze gilt 60mm. Unawarded. ..
Isle of Man,Douglas,John Murrey,penny,1668
Copper 20mm. W1 About Fine and extremely rare ..
Jacobite Legitimacy of Succession 1749
Copper 30mm Highlander facing holding shield and sword.Rev.An expanded rose. M.I.655/358 Ab..
James II,The Throne Protected 1685
Silver43mm by G.Bower. Laureate bust of King.Rev.An angel protecting the crown,placed on a chair ..
Kent Faversham Francis Waterman Farthing
15mm copper token Mercers Arms Very fine W277   ..
Kent Milton-Next-Gravesend William Kemster Halfpenny 1668
19mm Copper heart-shape halfpenny issued by William Kemster in 1668. Bunches of grapes. W418 ..
Kentucky Cent 1792
29mm copper token struck in England circa 1792-4. Each star in the triangle represents a state,id..
Lancashire Halliwell WB Farthing 1652
16mm copper token. A native American Indian smoking a pipe.Rev Initials WB (A) Very fine W3..
Leeds Cycling Club Gold Prize Medal 1894
9ct Gold and green enamel (12.4 gms) 29mm   by Vaughton & Sons of Birmingham Rev..
Liverpool and Manchester Railway Opened 1830
White metal 49mm by Halliday. Bust of George Stephenson.Rev:Train crossing viaduct in a landscape..
London Bloomsbury Market,Elizeus Southern,halfpenny, 1667
Copper 22mm W362 Good fine ..