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Silver 26mm.  3 lions,within garter. D2 Good extremely fine,lions heads not struck up ..
Dorset,Shaftesbury Bank,Shilling 1811
Silver 28mm Shield of Arms. D22 About very fine ..
Dublin Trinity College Founded 1591
Bronze 37mm by William Wyon. Bust of Queen Elizabeth I ,three-quarters left.Arms of the colle..
Duke of Bedford,Bath & West of England Society 1802
Silver 59mm in watch style silver and glass mount by J.Milton Duke of Bedford.Rev.Britannia seate..
Duke of Monmouth Beheaded 1685
Silver 38mm by Smeltzing. Bust of James II.Rev.Monmouths head on ground,spouting blood. M.I.61..
Durham Barnard Castle Matthias Sowerby Halfpenny 1666
Brass 20mm. Bust of Charles II facing left. W12. About extremely fine Charles Dickens st..
Durham Barnard Castle Thomas Bull Halfpenny 1666
20mm Bronze halfpenny issued by Thomas Bull in 1666. Bust of Charles II facing left. W 3 Ab..
Durham Ralph Nicholson Farthing
Bust of Charles II " GOD SAVE THE KING" W35 Extremely fine,attractive green patina. ..
Earl St Vincent's Reward 1800
Silver 46mm by C.H.Kuchler after J.Flaxman Bust of Admiral Jervis.Rev.A seaman shaking hands with..
Edinburgh Occupied by Prince Charles circa 1745
Brass 36mm. The prince in decorative Highland dress standing,his right arm pointing the way forwa..
Edward VII and Alexandra,Visit to the City of London 1902
Copper 76mm by Searle & Co. Busts conjoined.Rev. Londinia presents a welcoming address to the..
Elizabeth I Reform of the Coinage circa 1560
29mm Copper medallion,struck circa 1560. Bust of Elizabeth threequarters left,crowned and draped...
Elizabeth I, Silver medallet (or pattern groat), 1601.
Silver 25mm. Bust of Elizabeth three-quarters left, rev., crowned monogram and date. M.I.177/1..
Epping Forest Royal Visit and Dedication 1882
Bronze 75mm by C.Wiener. Bust of Victoria facing left,crowned,veiled and draped.Rev.Londinia stan..
Execution of Archbishop Laud 1645
Silver 58mm by J.Roettier. Bust of Laud in robes and cap.Rev: Infant angel ascending to heaven,ca..