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Coronation of William IV 1831
Bronze 68mm by W.Wyon (after F.Chantrey) Bust right.Rev.Trident and oak branch within naval crown..
Cumberland Broughton Colliery Token 1834
28mm octagonal copper coal token issued by John & Thomas Walker in 1834. The obverse depicts ..
Cumberland Maryport Ewanrigg Colliery Coal token 1750
24mm brass coal token of Unerigg(Ewanrigg) Colliery. Arms of the owner Ewan Christian.Rev:Cypher ..
Cumberland Whitehaven Colliery Sir John Lowther Token 1680
29mm copper coal token,circa 1680. Arms of Sir John Lowther (1642-1706).Rev:The letters of LOWTHE..
Cumberland Whitehaven Colliery Sir John Lowther Token 1689
22mm copper coal token issued by Sir John Lowther,circa 1680. Heraldic crest of Lowther.Rev:L..
Death of Admiral Sir John Duckworth 1817
Silver 46mm by Mills. Bust right.Rev: Inscription in wreath. BHM951 Extremely fine. Admi..
Death of George I 1727
Silver 31mm by J.Dassier Bust facing right.Rev.Britannia holding a medallion. M.I.474/92 Ex..
Death of George III 1820
Silvered Bronze or Silver cliche 48mm by Kuchler. Bust of George III. BHM 991. Extremely fi..
Death of George IV 1830
Massive 114mm copper medallion by Stothard after Chantrey. Bust right.Rev,Legend in,and around ci..
Death of George IV 1830
Silver 51mm 1830, by E Avern. Full-face bust, wearing fur collar, brooch on Garter ribband a..
Death of Oliver Cromwell 1658
Oval silver 19mm by 21mm by T.Simon Bust of Cromwell.Rev.Young olive tree growing beside a dead s..
Death of Prince Charles (III) Stuart 1788
Copper 53mm by Hamerani. Bust of Prince Henry IX. Rev:Religion standing in foreground holding..
Death of Queen Mary 1694
Silver 49mm by J & N.Roettier. Bust right.Rev: Inscription. M.I.111/343 About extremely..
Death of the Duke of York 1827
Silver 41mm by Webb. Bust facing left.Rev:a soldier standing, mournfully,beside alarge funerary u..
Defeat of the Ottoman Turks at the Battle of Gran and Conquest of Neuheusel 1685
 Silver 40mm medallion, by Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer. Shields of Bavaria, Lorraine and Waldeck, ..