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Charles II Peace With Holland 1667
Silver 56mm by J.Roettier. Bust facing right,laureate and draped.Rev: Britannia seated on the sea..
Charles II Presentation Medal c.1683
Silver 53mm by J.Roettier. Bust of Charles II. Rev.Royal Arms within Garter;supporters and cre..
Charles II, Scottish Coronation at Scone Palace 1651
Cast Silver Bust facing right.Rev:Rampant lion,holding thistle in paw. About fine. M.I.394/..
Charles II,Naval Victory Against Holland 1665
Silver 56mm by Roettier. Bust right laureate and draped. Rev:The King as a Roman general stand..
Christs Hospital Arithmetic Prize & Markers Medal  Edward VI 1553
A pair of medallions awarded to John Dyson. 1. Hallmarked Silver gilt 35mm,"The Second Proficient..
Church and King Club Manchester 1790
Silver 44mm. George III,holding a scroll,church and pillar either side.Rev.Inscription. BHM344..
City of London School,New Buildings 1882
Copper 77mm by J.S. & A.B.Wyon Busts of Edward Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra.Rev.Fac..
Coal Exchange Opened 1849 City of London
Copper 89mm by B.Wyon Central portrait medallion of Victoria,surrounded by Prince Albert,Prince o..
Constitution Given to the Ionian Islands 1817
Copper 41mm by Depaulis. Britannia seated,holding the tablets of constitution,statue of Neptune b..
Coronation of George III & Charlotte 1761
Silver 34mm by Natter. Laureate cuirassed bust of George III.Rev: Britannia holding crown over ki..
Coronation of George IV 1821
Silver 49mm by Halliday and P.Kempson & Son. Lauraete head of George IV.Reve:Coronation scene..
Coronation of James I 1603
29mm Silver medal by C.Anthony? Bust facing right,laureate,armoured and draped.Rev:Rampant lion c..
Coronation of King George V & Queen Mary 1911
Copper 64mm by F.Bowcher,manufactured by Spink & Son Similar to BHM 4023,but unrecorded rever..
Coronation of Queen Victoria 1837
Gold 36mm by Pistrucci. Bust of Victoria,wearing a bandeau.Rev:Victoria enthroned receives a crow..
Coronation of William & Mary 1689
Silver 35mm by Roettier. Conjoined busts.Rev: Jove hurls thunder at Phaeton falling from his char..