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Centenary of Weslyan Methodism 1839
Silver 38mm by Carter. Busts of John & Charles Wesley. About extremely fine BHM 1899 ..
Channel Islands Jersey Eighteenpence 1813
Silver Shield of arms D3 About very fine ..
Charles I Coronation 1626
Silver 30mm by Briot. Bust of Charles I.Rev.Armoured arm  issuing from clouds,holding a swor..
Charles I Death & Memorial 1649
Silver 46mm German. Bust of Charles I.Rev.A rampant seven headed monster,kings head lying on the ..
Charles I Peace or War 1643
Silver 29mm by Rawlins. Bust facing right,laureate,armoured and draped.Rev: Sword and olive branc..
Charles I Return to the City of London From Edinburgh 1633
Cast silver 43mm by N.Briot. Equestrian figure of Charles I,holding an upright baton.Rev: View of..
Charles I Royal Family 1635
Silver 31mm by Briot, Half length draped figures of the King & Queen facing each other,their ..
Charles I Scottish Coronation 1633
Silver 29mm by Briot. Crowned bust.Rev.A thistle flower. M.I.265/60 About very fine ..
Charles I Scottish Rebellion 1639
Silver 32mm by T.Simon Charles I on horseback trampling on symbols of war.Rev.Hand issuing from c..
Charles I,Dominion of the Sea 1630
Cast, silver 27mm by N. Briot. Bust of Charles I.Rev:A ship in full sail. Fine. M.I.257/43...
Charles I,The Scottish Rebellion 1639
Silver 30mm by Thomas Simon, signed S (on armour beneath horse). Charles I on horseback to l..
Charles II Coronation 1661
Silver 29mm by Simon. Bust right.R.Coronation scene. M.I.472.76 Extremely fine and toned. ..
Charles II Coronation Memorial 1662
Silver 14mm. Conjoined C's under a crown.Rev: A rose. M.I.477/85 Extremely fine and r..
Charles II Marriage To Catherine of Braganza 1662
Silver 21mm X 28mm Badge. Bust of Catherine facing left.Rev:Two orange trees their stems entwined..
Charles II Peace with Holland 1667
Silver 56mm by J.Roettier. Bust facing right,laureate.Rev: Britannia seated on the sea-shore revi..