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Bank of England 3 Shillings 1814
Laureate head S3770 Extremely fine ..
Bank of England Coinage Eighteenpence 1811
Silver token,draped bust facing right. Uncirculated,toned ..
Bank of England Coinage Eighteenpence 1813
Silver ,laureate head facing right. About uncirculated,lightly toned. ..
Bank of England Dollar Oval Countermark
Officially countermarked on portrait 8 Reales of Charles IV,1783M.I,Lima mint. Host coin abou..
Bank of England Three Shillings 1812
Silver,laureate head facing right. Good very fine. ..
Barcelona Relieved 1706 War of Spanish Succession
34mm Silver medallion by John Croker. Bust of Queen Anne.Rev: Sun eclipsed above city and harbour..
Battle of Blenheim 1704
About 34mm silver medallion by John Croker. Bust of Queen Anne . Rev: Britannia seated on a globe..
Battle of Jutland 1916
Copper 76mm by Peagram. A lion standing triumphantly over a prostrate eagle.Rev.Victory standing ..
Battle of the Nile 1798
White metal 38mm by T.Wyon. Bust of Lord Nelson almost facing,in uniform.Rev:Naval engagement. ..
Bedfordshire Biggleswade Overseers Halfpenny
19mm heart -shape copper token. Cripple.R.Spinning wheel. W21 Fine ..
Berkshire Harwell John Hanson 1666
17mm brass farthing token issued by John Hanson in 1666. Rose.Rev:Initials. W33 Very fine ..
Berkshire,Reading J.Berkeley Monk,Halfcrown 1811
Silver 30mm Arms of Reading D3 About extremely fine ..
Berkshire,Wantage,Richard Stamp,halfpenny,1669.
Copper 18mm Fleur de Lis W159 Fine- Very Fine ..
Birmingham & Swansea Rose Copper Company Penny 1812
34mm copper penny token issued by the Rose Copper Company 1812. A Rose spray. Rev: A lio..
Birmingham Agricultural Exhibition Society 1879
54mm Glazed Silver Prize Medal by Ottley. A selection of livestock. Rev:"1879 TO Mrs PERRY HER..