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Southwark St Saviours Dock George Kerington Farthing
Copper 18mm. Bakers Arms. W377 Very fine   ..
Suffolk Bury St Edmunds Marie Cressener Farthing
16mm copper token. Mortar & pestle About very fine. W50 ..
Suffolk,Debenham,Augustin Cullyer,Fathing 1666
Copper 15mm. W108 Very fine. ..
Sussex Arundel,John Pellet,Farthing,1659
Copper 15mm. Mercers arms W12 About very fine. ..
Sussex Chichester Robert Wihither Halfpenny 1669
Brass 18mm,Heart shape hafpenny issued by Robert Wihither in 1669. Butchers Arms. W70. Very..
Sussex Lewes,Ambrose Galloway,Farthing,1667
Copper 15mm. W112 Good fine. ..
Sussex Shoreham,Richard Glyd,Farthing.
Copper 15mm A Griffin W161 Fine   ..
Sweden Charles XIV John  Brass Medallic Snuff or Patch Box 1815
73mm(24mm high).Bust of Charles in uniform facing left,wide Greek key border.Rev:Arms. Edge shows..
Warwickshire,Birmingham,Kempson,halfpenny,Welch Cross
Copper 28mm View of Welch Cross.Rev.Birmingham arms Extremely fine D&H 192 ..
William & Mary Coronation Medal 1689
Silver 35mm by Roettier. Conjoined busts.Rev.Jove hurls thunder at Phaeton falling from his chari..
William & Mary,Deventer Testimonial,Peace in Ireland 1691
Silver 47mm by J.Luder. Bust of William III.Rev.William in Roman dress,raises a supplicant figure..
Yorkshire Market Weighton, Nicholas Chappilow,farthing 1664
15mm copper token. Mercers Arms. W229 Good very fine,striking flaw on reverse. ..