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Queen Anne Union of England and Scotland 1707
Silver 69mm by Croker. Bust of Anne.Rev.Statue of Anne as Pallas. Extremely fine and lightly t..
Queen Anne,Duke of Marlborough,Cities Recaptured 1703
Silver 42mm by Croker. Bust of Anne facing left.Rev:  Equestrian figure of Marlborough recei..
Queen Anne,Prince George,Lord High Admiral 1702
Silver 42mm by Croker. Bust of Queen Anne and Prince George. MI 233/14. Extremely fine, ton..
Queen Mary as Regent 1690
Silver 49mm by J or N Roettier. Bust right. Rev:Full moon, amid clouds and stars,above a lands..
Queen Victoria,Visit to the City of London 1837
Bronze 55mm by W.Wyon. Diademed bust of Victoria.Rev: Facde of the Guildhall. BHM 1775. Ext..
Richard Nevill 1703
Cast silver 50mm by Benjt Richter. Bust facing right.Rev.Landscape.sun entering the sign of Libra..
Royal Agricultural Society of Ireland National Cattle Show Cork
Silver 50mm by Jones of Dublin. Reverse engraved Richard Chaloner Esq / Kingsport / 3rd Prize / S..
Scotland North Berwick High School Nurses Badge 1909
A pair of silver prize medals awarded to Nellie Baillie,for Modern Languages 1907-8 and Classic..
Sir Thomas Fairfax Military Reward 1645
Silver 24mm by 33mm. Bust of Fairfax almost facing. Rev:Armorial shield"Sr. THO: FAIRFAX KNT. ..
Southwark Bank End Halfpenny of Anthony Craven
20mm Brass halfpenny token issued by Anthony Craven,circa 1660. Castle.Rev: initials ABC (the B i..
Southwark St Georges Church Hugh Ley at the White Swan
21mm Brass  heart shaped Hafpenny token issued by Hugh Ley. A swan. W354 About very fi..
Southwark St Saviours Dock George Kerington Farthing
Copper 18mm. Bakers Arms. W377 Very fine   ..
Suffolk Bury St Edmunds Marie Cressener Farthing
16mm copper token. Mortar & pestle About very fine. W50 ..
Suffolk,Debenham,Augustin Cullyer,Fathing 1666
Copper 15mm. W108 Very fine. ..
Sussex Arundel,John Pellet,Farthing,1659
Copper 15mm. Mercers arms W12 About very fine. ..