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Oxfordshire Burford.John Sindriy.farthing 1653
Copper 14mm. Grocers Arms. Very fine W52   ..
Oxfordshire Witney,William Hearn,farthing,"At the White Swan"
Copper 15mm. A swan About extremely fine,some weakness in striking. W234.   ..
Paris Olympics 1924 Official Participants Medal
Paris,VIII Olympiad 1924 Official Participants Medal. Bronze 55mm by Raoul Benard. Rare. Sl..
Peace of Amiens 1802 Marquis Cornwallis
38mm bronze medallion by Hancock. Bust of the Marquis Cornwallis facing left. Rev: Britannia seat..
Prince Charles,the Young Pretender 1745
Silver 30mm by J.Roettier. Bust of Prince Charles .Rev:Britannia standing on shore regards approa..
Prince Frederick Elected Bishop of Osnabruck 1764
Silver 43mm by Pingo. Britannia seated,almost facing,leaning against British shield,at a table on..
Prince James (III) and Princess Louisa Memorial 1712
Silver 51mm by N.Roettier. Bust of James facing left,armoured and draped.Rev:Bust of Louisa drape..
Prince James (III),Attempted Invasion of Scotland 1708
Silver 38mm by N.Roettier. Bust of Prince James.Rev:Map of Great Britain & Ireland,ships arou..
Prince James III & Princess Louisa Memorial 1712
Silver 30mm by N.Roettier. Bust of James III facing left.Rev:Bust of Princess Louisa facing left...
Princess Alexandra of Denmark,Entry into the City of London 1863
Copper 77mm by J.S.& bA.B.Wyon. Bust left.Rev.Londinia with attendants,welcomes Alexandra acc..
Princess Clementina,Escape From Innsbruck 1719
Silver 48mm by Hamerani Bust of Clementina.Rev.Clementina hurredly departing in a carriage,Rome i..
Queen Anne Attempted Invasion of Scotland 1708
Silver 40mm by Brunner. Bust facing left.Rev:An ass about to feed upon a thistle is driven a..
Queen Anne Peace of Utrecht 1713
Silver 58mm by Croker Bust of Anne,Rev.Britannia seated with olive branch spear and shield.Behind..
Queen Anne Union of England and Scotland 1707
Silver 69mm by Croker. Bust of Anne.Rev.Statue of Anne as Pallas. Extremely fine and lightly t..
Queen Anne,Duke of Marlborough,Cities Recaptured 1703
Silver 42mm by Croker. Bust of Anne facing left.Rev:  Equestrian figure of Marlborough recei..