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Norfolk Agricultural Association Breeders Medal
Silver 48mm by Davis Farmyard scene Probably mid to late victorian ..
Norfolk Wroxham Theepence Marle Pit Token 1797
36mm Copper Threepence token issued by D.Collyer of Wroxham in 1797. MARLE PIT TOKEN,Spade and pi..
Norfolk,Attleborough,Shilling,Muskett,Francis & Kiddle,1811
Silver 26mm Denomination in star. D6 Good very fine ..
Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector 1653
Cast Silver 37mm by T.Simon Bust of Cromwell .RevLion dispalying the arms of Cromwell and the Com..
Oliver Cromwell,Lord Protector 1653
Silver 34mm after T.Simon. Bust three-quarters right.Rev:Lion displaying arms of Cromwell and the..
Oxford Anne Turton Farthing 1657 Ironmongers Arms
Oxford Anne Turton Farthing 1657 Ironmongers Arms W178 About very fine ..
Oxford Edward Hunt,farthing, "At the Turle Gate"
Copper 14mm. Good very fine. W146.   ..
Oxford John Souch Farthing Milliner 1657
Oxford John Souch Farthing 1657 Milliner,fan depicted W168 Good fine ..
Oxford Oliffe Hind  Farthing 1666
Oxford Oliffe Hind  Farthing 1666 Mercers Arms W143 About very fine ..
Oxford Richard Carter,farthing,Brewer
Copper 14mm. Two men carrying a barrel. About extremely fine,pierced. W128 ..
Oxford Richard Ely,farthing,"At the 3 Sammon"
copper 14mm. 3 Salmon. Very fine. W134 ..
Oxford Thomas Dennis,farthing.1652,"At the 3 Kings"
Brass 14mm, 3 Kings. About very fine. W133 ..
Oxford Will Morrell At Ye Crown.
17mm Brass farthing token issued by Will Morrell. A crown.Rev: Initials. W156. Very fine. ..
Oxfordshire Bampton.John Tull,farthing 1656
Copper18mm. Mercers arms. About very fine. W5 ..
Oxfordshire Banbury,Thomas Sutton,halfpenny 1666
Copper 18mm. A reindeer. W23 About very fine ..