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London William Hall Farthing
Copper 18mm Head of a man wearing a hat.Rev: Orb surmounted by a cross,within double treasure. ..
London,Covent Garden Theatre,Royal Italian Opera,Pass 1876
Oval Ivory 53mm. by 38mm Obverse G.A.Bousted Esq.Rev.MONDAY BOX 12  4,in ink: E.Hall. Abo..
London,Kings Theatre & Opera House Ticket 1839
Ivory 39mm. OPERA 1839.Reverse Honble / Mrs Fitzgibbon /  PIT BOX 30) / 1 Extremely ..
London,New Theatre Covent Garden Box Pass 1809
Silver 31mm Pass for Box No.4.2nd Tier. Reverse,engraved K. Extremely fine,unrecorded in an..
London,New Theatre Goodmans Fields
Copper 33mm. View of theatre.Rev.PIT. D&W 24/266 Extremely fine Goodmans Fields thea..
Marriage of Charles II & Catherine of Braganza 1662
Silver 43mm by J.Roettier Bust of Charles facing right.Rev:Bust of Catherine facing left. M.I...
Marriage of George Duke of York to Princess Mary of Teck 1893
Copper 76mm by G.G.Adams. Busts conjoined.Rev.The couple advancing in a triumphal car driven by C..
Marriage of Princess Mary to William of Orange 1641
Silver 72mm by J.Blum Standing figures of William & Mary facing each other,hands clasped;a ch..
Marriage of Princess Victoria to Frederick Wilhelm of Prussia 1858
Silver 63mm by L.C.Wyon. Conjoined busts.Rev:Inscription in wreath. BHM 2627 Extremely fine..
Middlesex Joseph Askins Ventriloquist 1796
28mm copper halfpenny,showing a man with a wooden leg.Rev: THE CELEBRATED VENTRILOQUIST. D&H ..
Middlesex Shadwell,Benjamin Miller,halfpenny,1666.
20mm copper farthing token. Windmill. W187. Very fine,striking flaw. Benjamin Miller was..
Middlesex Shadwell,Tho.Cooke,At Morocka Head,Halfpenny,1665
18mm halfpenny token. A Turks head. W174 Very fine The Morocco Head Coffee House ..
Murder of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey 1678
Silver 38mm by G.Bower. Bust of Godfrey draped,being strangled with his own cravat by two ha..
Napoleon III & Eugenie Visit to the City of London 1855
Copper 77mm by B.Wyon. Busts three-quarters left,conjoined.Rev.Britannia introduces France to Lon..
Newcastle Swimming Club Northumberland Baths Prize 1867
Silver 33x40mm Prize Medal. Awarded to Charles Griggs Aged 14 in 1867. Good very fine ,integra..