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  Bank of Ireland Coinage Six Shillings 1804
Silver 40mm Bust of George III.Rev.Hibernia seated with harp. Extremely fine. S6615 ..
 Charles I Coronation 1626
Silver 30mm by Briot. Bust of Charles I.Rev.An arm issuing from clouds holding an upright sword. ..
A group of 3 Medals Awarded to Joe Pearson of Aston Villa circa 1905
1.Silver gilt 28mm Rev. engraved W. BROMWICH / CHARITY F.A. / J.F. PEARSON  (CAPT) 2.9ct. Go..
Abolition of Slavery 1834 Am I not a Woman
White metal 42mm by T.Halliday. Enchained female slave kneeling before the figure of justice.Rev:..
Accession of George III 1760
33mm Bronze after James Kirk. Bust of George III.Rev: Heart in centre of wreath. BHM4 About..
Act of Toleration 1689
Silver 49mm by Muller. Bust of William III. Rev: Britannia,accompanied by Religion and Liberty..
Admiral Howe,Naval Victory of the First of June 1794
Copper 41mm by W.Wyon. Bust of Earl Howe.Rev.Neptune advancing in a marine car. Extremely fine..
Anne Accession 1702
Silver 35mm by Croker Bust of Anne.Rev.A heart within branches of oak,resting on pedestal. M.I..
Anne Battle of Blenheim 1704
Copper 34mm by Croker Bust of Anne.Rev.Victory regards a captive seated on military trophies. ..
Anne Concord of Britain and Ireland 1711
White metal 42mm by Muller Bust of Anne.Rev.A harp The largel letters in the reverse legend DU..
Anne,Cities Captured by Duke of Marlborough 1703
Silver42mm by Croker. Bust of Queen Anne.Rev:Equestrian figure of Marlborough receives 3 key..
Anti-Slavery Convention London 1840 Thomas Clarkson
White metal 52mm by J.Davis Bust of Clarkson.Rev:A sl;ave kneeling,his manacled hands raised. ..
Assassination Plot against William III 1696
Silver 43mm by Wermuth. Conjoined busts of Louis XIV & James II.Rev: James II & Louis XIV..
Australian International Exhibitions Sydney 1879-80 Melbourne 1880-81
Bronze 76mm by J.S.& A.B Wyon. Bust of Prince of Wales.Rev.Engraved WILLIAM BAYLEY FOR SERVIC..
Austria Adolf Lieben 1912
Bronze 52mmx69mm plaque by St.Schwartz 1912. Adolf Lieben (December 3, 1836 – June 6, 1914) was a..