19th Century Silver Tokens

19th Century Silver Tokens
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Hampshire,Romsey,William Lintott,Shilling,1812
Silver 25mm. Shield of arms.Rev.View of sailing ships and sun. D41 Uncirculated ..
Kent,Folkestone,John Boxer,Sixpence 1811
Silver 21mm Non-Local14 About extremely fine ..
Lancashire,Liverpool,Thomas Wilson,Shilling,1812
Silver 25mm Shield containing liver bird.Rev.Figure of commerce. D2 Extremely fine ..
Leicestershire County Silver Shilling circa 1811
Silver 25mm silver shilling issued by Henry Morgan. Good very fine,weakly struck D.1 ..
Lincolnshire,Lincoln,Shilliing,J.Millson & T.Preston 1812
Silver 25mm Shield of arms. D12 Good very fine ..
Middlesex,London,R.Warren,blacking manufacturer,shilling,1811
Silver 26mm Bottle of blacking. D29 About extremely fine,flatly struck in centre,scratch on..
Silver 25mm Statue of Charles I on horseback in Charing Cross.Rev.City arms. D9 Good very f..
Norfolk,Attleborough,William Parson & Son,Two Shillings 1811
Silver 23mm Shield of arms.Rev.Female standing. D4 About extremely fine ..
Northumberland,Newcastle,A.Kelty,Shilling 1812
Silver 25mm View of colliery/ City arms. D8 Good extremely fine ..
Northumberland,Newcastle,John Robertson Shilling 1811
Silver. Commerce seated on a bale.Rev.Arms of Newcastle. D11 Good very fine ..
Nottinghamshire Newark Shilling 1811
28mm silver Shilling token issued by Stanshall,Moor,Fisher,Fillingham,Readett and Wilson in 1811. ..
Nottinghamshire,Newark,Stansall,Moor,Fisher,Fillingham,Readett & Wilson, Shilling 1811
Silver 25mm View of Town hall. D5 A few light stains otherwise uncirculated. ..
Somerset Bristol  W.Sheppard Sixpence 1811
Silver Arms of Bristol. D65 Uncirculated ..
Somerset Bristol Anonymous Shilling 1811
Silver 24mm. Arms of Bristol. D19 Good very fine.   ..
Somerset Frome Selwood Two Shillings 1812
Silver 28mm issued by Willoughby & Sons,grocers. Bust of Edward I. D70 Good F,light ton..