19th Century Silver Tokens

19th Century Silver Tokens
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Silver 25mm Arms of Brecon, a robe. D1 Very fine ..
Cheshire,Nantwich Old Bank,Shilling 1811
Silver 25mm. Shield. D1 Extremely fine The Nantwich Old Bank was founded in 1808.The par..
Cheshire,Stockport,Shilling,Ferns & Cartwright,1812
Silver 26mm Hive.Rev.Commerce seated on bale. D6 Very fine ..
Dorset,Blandford,H.Ward,Shilling 1811
Silver 28mm Shield D2 About very fine Ward was a horologist and watchmaker ..
Dorset,Poole,James Ferris,Shilling 1811
Silver 25mm Shield of arms. D8 good very fine and toned,three scratches above shield. Ja..
Durham Stockton Christopher & Jennett Shilling 1812
Silver 25mm Christopher & Jennett were printers D1 Very fine ..
Durham,Stockton,Shilling,Christopher & Jennett,1812
Silver 26mm Castle & anchor. D2 Very fine ..
Flintshire (Holywell) Shilling 1811
Silver 25mm Issued by Flintshire Bank D3 Good very fine ..
Glamorgan,Neath,Rees & Morgan,Shilling 1811
Silver 25mm Tower & factory buildings. D10 Good fine ..
Gloucester,County & City,Shilling,1811
Silver 27mm Gloucester Cathedral.Rev.Arms of Gloucester,coronet above. D5 Extremely fine,we..
Gloucester,Saunders & Butt,Shilling,1811.
Silver 26mm Shield of Arms. 25th October variety D9 Extremely fine and very rare. ..
Hampshire Romsey W.Adams Shilling 1812
Silver 25mm Shield of arms. D39 About very fine ..
Silver 25mm Arms. D11 Extremely fine ..
Hampshire,County, Sixpence,1811
Silver 23mm Shield of arms.Rev.A sloop sailing D7 Extremely fine,some flatness in striking...
Silver 28mm Shield of arms.Rev.A sloop sailing. D4 Extremely fine ..