British Historical Medallions

British Historical Medallions
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Mary Queen of Scots 1579
Silver 28mm. Shield of Scotland,crowned.Rev: Vine with a withered branch receiving water from..
Memorial to William Pitt 1814
Copper 54mm by T.Wyon Jr and T.Halliday. Bust facing left.Rev.Inscription in wreath. BHM787. ..
Nottingham Pitt Club 1814
Nottingham Pitt Club 1814. Gilt-copper 37mml, by T Webb. Bare head left, rev within wreath NOT..
Nottingham Pitt Club 1814.
Nottingham Pitt Club 1814. Copper 37mm, by T Webb. Bare head left, rev within wreath NOTTINGHA..
Peace Between England & Spain 1604
Silver cast 37mm(42mm with mount) by Nicholas Hilliard Bust of James I.Rev.Standing figures ..
Queen Anne Union of England and Scotland 1707
Bronze 69mm by Croker. Bust of Anne.Rev.Statue of Anne as Pallas. Extremely fine, a lovely exa..
Queen Anne's Bounty 1704
Copper 44mm by Croker. Bust facing left.Rev: Anne seated,presenting acharter to kneeling cler..
Queen Anne,Capture of Bethune,St Venant and Aire 1710
Copper 48mm by Croker/Bull Bust of Anne.Rev.A trophy of French arms and standards. M.I.374/220..
Settlement of the British at Bombay 1602:East India Company Victory 1804
Copper 41mm by Droz/ Mills. Neptune reclining against a globe,holding British ensign.Rev:Neptune,..
Sir John Hele,Appointed Queens Sarjeant by Elizabeth I,1602-3
Silver 28mm counter. Shield of arms, DIEV ET SA MAIESTIE, rev., an eagle, spread wings on cap of ..
Suffolk Pitt Club 1821
Silver 35mm. Bust of William Pitt facing left.Rev:Inscription in wreath. BHM1159 Extr..
Sweden Charles XIV John  Brass Medallic Snuff or Patch Box 1815
73mm(24mm high).Bust of Charles in uniform facing left,wide Greek key border.Rev:Arms. Edge s..
Thomas Coats Paisley Observatory 1885
49mm Bronze medallion by Macphail. Bust of Coats.Rev:Paisley Observatory. BHM3147 Ext..
William IV Coronation 1831
Copper 33mm by W.Wyon Bust of William.Rev.Bust of Adelaide. BHM 1475 Extremely fine,some sl..
William Pitt first Lord of the Admiralty 1799
Bronze 54mm by J.Hancock. Bust facing left.Rev.Inscription in wreath. BHM470. Extremely fin..