British Historical Medallions

British Historical Medallions
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Elizabeth I Battle of Turnhout 1597
Silver 51mm by Bijlaer. M.I.166/152. About extremely fine,tooled in field. ..
George I Coronation Medal 1714
Silver 34mm by Croker. Bust facing right.Rev.King enthroned,crowned by Britannia. M.I.424/9 ..
George III,Golden Jubilee 1810
Copper 48mm Bust facing left.Rev:Britannia,attended by three infants holding aflaming heart,s..
George III,Union of Great Britain & Ireland 1801
Copper 48mm by Kuchler Bust facing left.Rev: Britannia & Hibernia stand facing each other..
Gillette Cup Final 1976 Winners Medal
Silver 38mm Winners Medal for the 1976 Gillette Cup Final. The 1976 Gillette Cup Final  ..
Henry Brougham Electoral Candidate for Westmorland 1818
Silver 36mm by G.Mills. Extremely fine ,fitted suspender as usual. Struck as a thankyou t..
Ireland,Dublin Musical Society,circa 1800
Copper 32mm. Undated circa 1800. Reverse inscribed BENJn Daniell. About very fine ..
Jacobite Rebellion Defeated 1746
Brass 32mm. Bust of Duke of Cumberland.Rev:A lion subdues a wolf. M.I.617/287. About ..
John Stewart,1st Earl of Traquair,c1635
 Silver 28mm counter. Crowned armorial shield, dividing two double triangles, IOH STVARTVS C..
Liverpool Pitt Club and the Peace of Paris 1814
Liverpool Pitt Club and The Peace of Paris 1814 Silver-gilt 54mm1814, by T. Wyon Jr. after J. Nol..
London Cabbage Society Pass 1814
Bronze 37mm pass or ticket. D&W 113/104 Good very fine. Little is known abou..
Manchester Pitt Club 1813
Manchester Pitt Club 1813 Silver 50mm by T. Wyon snr. Bare head bust left, RT. HONBLE WILLIAM ..
Manchester Pitt Club 1813
Manchester Pitt Club 1813 Bronze  50mm by T. Wyon snr. Bare head bust left, RT. HONBLE WI..
Marriage of Charles I to Henrietta Maria 1625
Silver 24mm by (P.Regnier) Busts face to face. Rev.Cupid scattering roses. M.I.238/1 Thi..
Marriage of Charles II to Catherine of Braganza 1662
Silver 27mm by Bower. Conjoined busts facing right.Rev:Venus,cupid behind her,seated beside Jupit..