British Historical Medallions

British Historical Medallions
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Admiral Howe,Naval Victory of the First of June 1794
Copper 41mm by W.Wyon. Bust of Earl Howe.Rev.Neptune advancing in a marine car. Extremely fine..
Anne Accession 1702
Silver 35mm by Croker Bust of Anne.Rev.A heart within branches of oak,resting on pedestal. M.I..
Anne Battle of Blenheim 1704
Copper 34mm by Croker Bust of Anne.Rev.Victory regards a captive seated on military trophies. ..
Baptist Missionary Society Kettering 1922
Bronze 44mm medallion byJ.R.Gaunt commemorating the 130th anniversary 1922. Extremely fine in..
Battle of Cape Vincent 1797.
Copper 41mm by Mills/Brenet. Bust of Earl St Vincent.Rev:Victory hovering over two Spanish ships,..
Battle of Culloden 1746
Bronze 51mm by Yeo. Bust of the Duke of Cumberland armoured.Rev:Britannia seated,assisted by ..
Battle of Culloden 1746
Silver 51mm by Yeo. Bust of the Duke of Cumberland armoured.Rev:Britannia seated,assisted by..
Battle of Jutland 1916
Copper 76mm by Peagram. A lion standing triumphantly over a prostrate eagle.Rev.Victory standing ..
Birmingham Agricultural Exhibition Society 1879
54mm Glazed Silver Prize Medal by Ottley. A selection of livestock. Rev:"1879 TO Mrs PERRY HER..
Birmingham Pitt Club 1814
Birmingham Pitt Club, Silver 50mm, 1814, by T. Webb. Draped bust of William Pitt left, NON SIB..
Birth of Prince Charles 1630
30mm silver. Four oval radiate shields England and France,Scotland,France and Irela..
Bristol Tramways & Carriage Company Limited Loyalty Award 1901
Silver 38mm. Awarded to :Dvr(Driver) H.Lewis For Loyalty. Extremely fine,suspension loop&..
Capture of Badajoz 1812
Copper 41mm by Webb/G.Mills. Bust of Lieut General Sir Thomas Picton,Rev.Picton plants British st..
Carlisle Recaptured Jacobite Rebels Repulsed 1745
Silver 33mm by Pingo Bust of Duke of Cumberland facing right.Rev:Lion subduing a wolf. M.I.607..
Centenary of Weslyan Methodism 1839
Silver 38mm by Carter. Busts of John & Charles Wesley. About extremely fine BHM 1899 ..